Extreme Drift Car

Get ready for a realistic car game. Choose the car you want, start the fun in the scene you want. Drift boss players can customize by choosing one of six different racing cars. As a customization option, drift car color, smoke color, and wheel options are available. Drift max players can drift on five tracks after customizing their racing cars. The first track is unlocked, and the other tracks will be unlocked when the levels are completed. To open the locks, you must score high on the drift tracks with race cars and reach the finish line. You can customize your racing cars with the rewards you earn while drifting at high speed. It is possible for users who love car driving simulator and drifting to enjoy this drift boss game more.

How To Play

While using the arrow keys to drift with the race cars, you can also use the space key to slide your car on the track. The important detail you need to pay attention to while drifting is not hitting the areas on the track to show that you are an excellent drift boss. If you have an accident while sliding with a drift car, your drift score will be deleted, and you will fail in this drifting game.

Extreme Drift Car Game Features
✓ Realistic shader
✓ 3+ Level
✓ 5+ Car
✓ Advanced control
✓ 3D environment

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